Blades and Petals

by Audio Weapon

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Modern progrock played on extended range guitars, 7 string electric, 5 string bass, synthesizer keyboards, and percussion. All composed, performed, and produced by a solo indie artist. With the unusual and imaginative melodic instrument configurations and thoughtful intelligent lyrics you are in for a unique and captivating listening experience!


released January 1, 2011

Audio Weapon 2011



all rights reserved


Audio Weapon Concord, New Hampshire

Modern Progrock played on extended range guitars and synths by a solo artist. The use of extended range guitars add to the unique and unusual sound along with seldom used time signatures, structures, and instrument configurations. The lyrical stories speak to the intellect within a very interesting and melodic musical performance. ... more

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Track Name: Make Believe
Hot summer nights when the wind washed through your hair
Crusing on the backroads to where we didn't care
The cool moonlight dancing through the trees
Leading us on leading on to a new day
Hot burning days seeking rest in the shade
Waiting on the shadows fading racing away
Hurrying on the light to send it on it's way
And don't you forget about don't forget about the day
That came when you walked out of the door
And I just sat there wondering what it all was for
Now is it what we wanted or is it what you need
Or is it just another story encased in make believe
Encased another story in make believe
Long lonely nights seeking solice in my thoughts
Seeking out the victories both lost and hard fought
Giving up all that we had in one final scene
Is realy what you felt or or was it all make believe
in the day when this is all put aside
Living in the daylight not in the fears we hide
Walking on a tightrope balancing on a beam
A hinge on a doorway that smashes a dream
Track Name: Snowman
What ever happened to that snowman cryin
Was there something stuck in his eye
Now was it the sight of a cold crow flyin
Against an eagle circling in the sky
Time is dear
And you time is near
And time for you
Is time for fear
It's time to take your place
For your form to change space

Why does it seem that you can't always have
Everything that you need
Like the cold wind and the icies in
With the winter livin deep in your heart
Everybody knows what happens to the snowman
When he's caught in the warm light of day
He'll dance into the shadows
Into the cool wet darkness
Tryin to hide himself in the hay
Hey Hey
Try to hide himself in the hay
Track Name: Arandill
Track Name: Autumn Leaves
Autumn leaves falling to the sea
Brings another time in memory
Do you still remember me
From a simpler time in a place not
all forgotten now
A time when I srewed up it's funny
but I still remember how
I get swept away on the ebbing
flowing sands of time
It's in times like these when
I want again to look in your eyes
Another time another place
Another bright sun that
shines on your face
Takes me way back in time
Back to when I could look into your eyes
Autumn leaves falling in the sea
brings it all brings it all back to me
To a simpler day when the sun on your face
another time in another place
Back to when I could look into your eyes
Look into light of your bright sunshine
A simpler day with the sun on your face
Another time to another place
I can still see your face
Autumn leaves falling to the sea
I wonder d o you remember me
Track Name: Dark Side of the Mountain
On the dark side of the mountain
Where the shadows seem to shine
The ice melts very slowly leaving
Time to stand and look inside
Crawling back through one's own past
Reawaking dreams to smash
Never needed them much anyway
Present day has had its way
Dark side of the mountain
Not so bad when viewed from the sea
Always there backing up the light
Remaining still for all eternity
Dark side of the mt
where the light runs to hide
It flees with the shadows lenght
into the night we ride
On the dark side of the mt
Where the light runs to hide
Giving up all it's freedom of flight
On a dark shadows back we ride
Into the inner depths we slide
lyrics by J. Farella & Audio Weapon
Track Name: Lilleth
Golden fields and summer breeze
In her young eyes I still see
Little Lilleth sister danced
With Laughter innocently
Time in our youths
Was spent strong and free
Dark winds in from the north
Took her from me
Taken away the free
Taken laughter from me
The house of my fathers grace
Strong valiant and brave
A forest of steel leaps into the light
Forever the darkness be stayed
Riding into glories feast
The company leaves
And in the distance
As a lone horn call fades
My doom has been made
As surely my path has been laid
The dawning of the light will come again
The dawning of the light will rise again
Track Name: Steel Falls
The frozen line drawn on the hill
The dawning of the light it's cold and it's still
The gathering force awaits the comming of the day
As the bright light around reflects on the gray of the
Of the chosen ones who await their fate
A salute from the sky for the ones that've come to die

The frozen lands once they teamed
With the ones who lived and loved and dreamed
Then the shadow came in from the east
An renamed themselves with the tidings of the beast as
The chosen ones to take their place
Take control of all of the waste

Would the steel fall if I did not hear the call
Would the oceans rise with another tear from your eyes
Would the sky fall if I wasn't here at all
I hear the call, the steel falls

A long time has gone since the days long ago
When our heros fought hard and vanquished the foe
Slayed the demon that came for the feast
And renamed themselves with the taming of the beast
As the chosen ones who honored thier fate
A salute to the eye for the ones that fought and died
Track Name: Star's Light
Long I have traveled on roads untold
Endless many miles never lightening the load
Traveled many miles with time in folds
Traveling through time never getting old
Trapped in a soul in a body I can not feel
A prisioner of what I know is not real
Traveled many mile as the path unfolds
Traveling through time never getting old
And how far we've fallen from graces feeble hands
On a fortress built on shifting sands
Long I have traveled to be home once again
And all I once knew was gone in the end
Traveled many miles with time in folds
Traveled through time never getting old
Time and space is the steed in which I fly
Through the everlasting starlight I ride
And how far time has fallen from those days long past
And the forgotten times that never last
And how far we fall from graces feeble hands
On a fortress built on shifting sands
Of time how quickly they fall
Sensless of the begining and end of it all
Wanderind dark halls alone in the night
And things are very different in a burning stars light
How far we fall from graces feeble hands
On a fortress built on shifting sands
And how I long to be home once again
But time and space never end
Track Name: Beverly
Alone in the crownd she sees what is not there
Awaiting on her time to believe
Back into the forest of her mystic dreams
Alone in the night she will be
Alone in a world that only she sees
Beverly what can you do for me today
Can you can you come out of your forest to play
Or enter not the light of day
Or are you in your prison to stay
Beverly can take away the pain
Of another rainy day
And Beverly can take away your soul
And leave behind an empty shell
Track Name: The Journey
A hot and dusty road to the coast
Forgotten time follow like a ghost
Broken these promises in the dust
As the old world crumbles into dust
We sailed the Rossian and we headed into the east
Leaving an old world of grief
We sailed the Rossian and we headed into the east
To a new world of hope leaving an old of grief
Charting the coarse of your own destiny
Staying the coarse of your own destiny
A new life of hope for you see
I turned around as we sighted the shore
And you looked at me as we jumped for joy
Completely living free you've been given me
The old world fades into the mist
As the sunlight on the headland was kissed
With forgotten times when we arrive
What once wasn't is now alive
We sailed the Rossian and we headed into the east
To a new world of hope leaving an old of grief
Staying the coarse of your own destiny
A new life of hope for you see
Track Name: The Vision
I awoke from the dream my eyes were clear
The sky was grey the horizon was near
On your face the sun shone bright
As a moon on a winters night
And the vision of you in my head
was as clear as the salt sea wind
That blew you acroos the sea to me
It was a late summer day when I
First saw you standing on the pier
The long journeys over and
In a smile there is no fear
And the look in you eyes
Says to me a new life has begun
Your the vision from the dream
And I know that your the one
Track Name: Taken Away
Walking these streets
Looking for someone to meet
Lost all my friends
Taken away in the end
Taken away Thrown from the dream
Nothing ever turns out ever turns out as it seems
Left out to dry On a cloudy day
Taken for a ride On the road of no return
Taken what's not given away
And no time to stop and no time to say that
No farewell ever given up
Will ever feel the same
Nothing ever given will
be received the same way

Given in time
And given only what was rightfully mine
And taken away the knowledge
That things are always better then they seem

Walking these streets
A bright new chapter to greet
A road less traveled on a bend
Has taken me far away in the end
Taken away And thrown from the dream
And nothing ever turns ever turns out as it seems

Taken away And thrown from the dream
And nothings ever turns out
Ever turns out how it seems in the dream
Hold on to your dream
And never give that away
Take what was given to you
However small it may seem
Taken away And thrown from the dream
Taken away another road it seems